“Lovely place. Such a beautiful garden that I never wanted to leave.”

— sydney neumann

Teacher's Assistant, Seattle, July 1st, 2017

"Tôi thích thiên nhiên và đây là một nơi cực kì phù hợp với tôi bởi vì xung quanh ngôi nhà có rất nhiều cây cối và hoa. Những người sống ở đây rất tốt và lịch sự, họ rất yên tĩnh nên tốt có một nơi thích hợp để học tập. Đặc biệt là chủ nhà rất thân thiện ^^, tôi cảm thấy hạnh phúc khi sống ở đây!"

“Translation: I love nature, and this place has a lot of beautiful plants. People here are kind, and I have a quiet place to study. The family is very nice. I feel happy here.”


ESL Student, N. Seattle Community College, July 1st, 2017. From Vietnam.

"From the friendly and social experiences one will enjoy in the shared spaces, to the home like atmopshere Lovella diligently provides, renting a room here is liking renting an oasis in the middle of the desert."

- EVAN Shuster

Field Manager, Fund for the Public Interest, Seattle, June 11th, 2017. Spokane Valley, WA.

"اهلا بالجميع ☺️ انا اعيش في هذا المنزل من 6 اشهر ، يوجد العديد من الفعاليات في الاجازه الاسبوعيه مما يساعدك على تطوير اللغه ايضاً التجمع الشبه يومي في الصاله يساعدك في تطوير اللغه 

شكرا 😍"

Translation:  “Hello everybody, I lived in this house for 6 months, and I like it very much. I have good friends here. Persons help me with anything I don't understand. In this house you have a good garden, also you have a swimming pool, and I like that.”


ESL Student, N. Seattle Community College, June 28th, 2017. From Hail, Saudi Arabia.

“This place has such a positive aura. I love coming back from school every day. And I plan on staying here for a very long time.”


Clinical Mental Health Counselor with Art Therapy, Antioch University, July 1st, 2017

“Living here is so restful. Everyone is calm and chill, I love using the backyard just to hang out and do homework.”


Masters of Education, Antioch University, July 1st, 2017

"أنا أعيش هنا الآن، وأنا أحب هذا المكان. يوجد اشخاص لطيفون . وأحصل على ممارسة الازمه من لغتي الإنجليزية و المساعدة من زملائي في المنزل. انه منزل كبير يوجد هناك بركة سباحه جميل. ويوجد اشخاص من بلدان مختلفه "

Translation:  “I live here now, and I love this place. The people are kind. And I get to practice my English and get help from my roommates. It's a big house. There is a lovely pool. People are from all over the world.”

— Assel gasem

ESL Student, N. Seattle Community College, July 2nd, 2017. From Saudi Arabia.


Translation: "I have made many friends here. There is no dirtiness in this place, which you may see in other home-stays or shared housing. In addition, the rent is the same or less than other places. The house’s owners live at the same site, but in an studio at the rear of the property. They keep the place in really good condition with regular cleaning. They are really friendly and kind. They help and give you advice to settle you in.”


ESL Student, North Seattle College, July 4th, 2017. From Japan.